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Well, the good news is we have been so busy taking care of clients it has been hard to keep up with ourselves.

The bad news is, there are only 24 hours in a day. And we are serious about clients coming first.

We’re putting together a plan for a new website for the Summer/Fall of this year. If you are interested in learning more about our company (including our portfolio of websites, Facebook pages, etc.), contact us here or with the contact form!

Thanks for your patience :)

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Facebook For Small Businesses

Social media, the noisiest platforms existing currently have changed the way people interact. Amongst all others Facebook is THE one to have 1 billion followers that keep growing every new day. The tidal wave for Facebook is here and almost every business out there is now in line to use the potential of this platform to explore amazing benefits. Facebook is not just for keeping tabs on friends and knowing about what’s new, but also to market your business and that too effectively.

No other social media channel has the potential to make your business reach more than 1 billion people while targeting the exact topography you anticipate; it’s only the power of Facebook. So, don’t wait and create a Facebook fan page for your business that depicts what your business is all about and how it is different from others.

Today businesses of almost every size and background are using the power of Facebook to harness many unhidden and unspoken potential that until now were just accessible by the big fishes of the industry. The secret to marketing ‘right’ is now unveiled through Facebook. Creating a fan page for your business on Facebook is very simple and it’s not something for which you will require seeking expert help.

Facebook can help you in creating a brand image and then getting followers around your brand. It’s a platform that can help you in interacting with your customers, as customers today have turned more aware and educated than before. So, get ready to answer all that your customers have on mind while starting a healthy discussion on Facebook. Word of mouth marketing can do a lot for any business and through Facebook you can get just this. So, let your customers do your marketing by making them aware and confident and helping them build a trust in your products and services.

No other channel and platform out there can help in doing what Facebook can for your business and that too efficiently and in a quicker turnaround time. Placing ads on Facebook will help in attracting quality visitors to your links and may thus help in adding to your leads and then sales.

You can even add to your fan followers by running contests on your Facebook fan pages and offering them good offers in return. So, get ready to combine brand making with profit making with the only one platform that has literally changed the way marketing is done-‘Facebook’.

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Best Social Media Companies

Brand awareness is important and no other tool other than social media marketing is best for it. It is difficult to handle the pressure of business to be able to make an impactful presence in the virtual world. As a result of that, there are many social media companies that have come up.

However, before selecting the right social media company for your business you need to know what is right. Everybody wants the best and so any business small or big would want to get hold of the best social media companies in their city, town or country.

For you to make an informed choice about the best social media companies, it is important to understand which company is the best player, which company gives you the best service and which company is capable of coming up with more than just innovative ideas.

With the growing demand for social media, the competition in the market for such companies has increased, making it difficult for businesses to zero in on the right company.

Here are some of the best social media companies that you can get hold of around the globe. With this list, you can make a better and an informed choice. However, keep in mind that the list is in no particular order.

  • Altimer Group: Founded in 2008, their services include research and advice for clients. Based in San Mateo, California, the firm has a reputable clients’ list that includes Ford Motor, Toyota etc.

Why is it one of the best social media companies?

Altimer Group is known for its information-dispensing high quality webinars, reports and blogs. They are a close-knit bunch of experts with a lot of knowledge.

  • Salesforce: This company is also based in California and was established in 1999. It has a huge network spread across the world. Its major clients are L’oreal, HP, Playboy etc.

Why is it one of the best social media companies?

Salesforce is known for its very famous social media monitoring instrument Radian 6. Apart from that, it has an immense knowledge about social media platforms.

  • We Are Social: Based in London, this firm was established in 2008. It concentrates on social media marketing and digital PR. It had also achieved the Digital Agency of the Year- EMEA Sabre Awards 2012.

Why is it one of the best social media companies?

It is good at spotting the current trends and coming up with innovative ideas for which reason its blog is frequented by social media marketers.

  • LiveWorld: The firm was founded in 1984 and is based in San Jose, California. Most companies would like to approach LiveWorld for the sheer fact that it has been in the business for the past 28 years.

Why is it one of the best social media companies?

It has taken up projects for brands like Dove, MSN, HBO etc. It has a huge pool of experience and expertise in the field.

  • Izea: Established in 2008, Izea has worked for Google, American Express etc.

Why is it one of the best social media companies?

It has experience in online sponsorship and e-commerce which would help promote your brand most skillfully.

This list represents a few of our favorites. Of course, you can always contact us if you are a small business looking for affordable yet quality social media solutions!

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Social Media Promotions

Of the many things that your business needs for the right boost, social media promotions are one of them. Having a social media strategy is very important in this light.

What are social media promotions?

These are ways to engage your existing as well as potential customers through the social media platform. So, methods used to maintain a social fan base through various strategies would roughly be the meaning of these various social media promotions.

One key factor that helps you stay ahead in social media promotions is by keeping an eye on your competitors. There is a famous saying – Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This would be the right time to put this saying to use. You cannot give your audience what your competition already has done/given. Therefore to stay a step ahead, you need to keep a close watch on their social media promotions and strategies.

The other thing that you need to remember while utilizing social media promotions is the target audience. You need to know your target audience – their likes and dislikes, what would attract them and what would not. You need to click with them just as another one of their Facebook friends or Twitter followers or LinkedIn networks. Your offers have to strike a chord with them immediately.

This is the reason why many companies open sweepstakes or other exciting contests for their target audience as part of their social media promotion. How would this help? These strategies help businesses get to know their customers better on a more personal level. This would further lead to an insight into your customers’ likes and keeping that in mind, you can further your brand promotion strategies.

Using social media promotions would not only accelerate the spread of your brand, but would also provide a platform for building a reliable brand reputation. This would, in turn, ensure a long term relationship with your customers who from potential customers would transform into long term customers.

Interaction with your social fan base is the ultimate goal of your social media promotions. So all the contests, offers, quizzes, and other forms of interaction that you use need to be crafted around the customer who should be at the center of your strategies.

Take for instance the Google Glass, the web giant came up with a very friendly contest for its potential customers while also ensuring a pre-order strategy.  Entrants are expected to take part in the contest via twitter or Google+ by just describing in 50 words what would they do if they had a Google Glass. The interactive contest was intelligently thought out so that it was mix of getting creative ideas along with a pre-order provision for the people.

Social media promotions can only be successful if you add a dash of innovation with the usual strategies. Getting your brand the right audience is the ultimate motive of social media promotions and so it is for you to decide how you go about it. The best bet is do your research on successful promotions by others as also your competitors.

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Social Media Firms

Social media is one of the most important parts of people’s lives in today’s world. There is not one day that a major chunk of the world can go without checking Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking site. The new way of staying connected to the world is through the internet and more importantly, through social media.

Many businesses have taken to the virtual world too to boost their product promotion. It is a smart move actually. If you are a company that has been looking to open up your business to a social media platform, you can even find social media firms who now specialize in this sector.

What are social media firms? These are companies that have skilled experts who are trained in the business of promoting their clients’ business on various social networking sites. Social media firms are a great option for businesses that are both old and new players.

Are there a lot of these social media firms in my city or country? Yes, the number of social media firms has grown significantly along with the demand for services of the sort. Your interaction with the customer at an individual level is important and it is only through social media that you can develop an unbreakable online bond with your target audience.

The difference between undertaking such a task on your own and hiring a social media firm is that you cannot trust yourself to run a business while also interact with your target consumers. It would mean giving more time to your work. In fact, you are well equipped to take care of your business but are you well equipped with inter-personal skills over the internet? The point here is that you need to have a consistent and good relationship with your target audience so that they turn into permanent consumers. It is here that the expertise of social media firms comes in handy.

Sure, you may have to shell out a little more money to employ such social media businesses, but look at the upside. The firms work to promote your product or service to secure more customers, which would eventually lead to a whopping growth in your business.

A channel between a business and its audience is what is needed and investing in your customers is never a bad decision. Figures have shown the surprising popularity of social media and social media firms among businesses. Various statistics also show how such tools help benefit businesses in the long run.

So what do social media firms exactly do on networking sites? They make a boring business a fun affair for the audience. Beginning from interactive quizzes, polls, contests to answering and consequently resolving grievances, from promoting your product through offers to providing vital tips on further use of your product, these firms really work in a direction that would jazz up your business.

Having a brand presence in the virtual world is as important as your body needs water. Social media firms give you the power to reach out to a large number of people at a whole new level.

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Social Media for Small Business

With the growing popularity of the social media, it is getting increasingly difficult for everybody to keep up their business, whether big or small, with newer tools. Social media for small business may seem even more problematic for small businesses already that have too much on their plate. However, it is still important for small businesses to get ahead of their competitors.

Social media marketing is the order of the day. It is one of the best tools to get your product or service promoted. Sometimes, it is cheaper than many other conventional ways of promoting. Getting a Facebook or Twitter account does not cost you a penny compared to hoardings, flyers, and other unadventurous ways of advertising.

If you have a small business and are wondering whether you are well equipped to give social media for small business a shot, then you should go ahead with it.

Just one piece of advice though – make sure that you do a good job with these tools. This would mean that a sloppy Facebook page would reflect a sloppy business. Do not get intimidated by social media marketing at all. Just as you would use the conventional tools to promote your business earlier, think of it as just a step further.

Facebook for small businesses is one of the most widely used tools. In fact small companies are now fast in adopting social media. So while you put out your work on Facebook, you also connect with your audience on a way more personal level. You are directly accessible to them and they are equally accessible to you. Consider this – had they been sending you mails about their grievances, would you be able to address them as often? Social media for small business gives the right boost to your product or service as it breaks the barrier between the consumer and the seller.

Not only do small companies choose Facebook, but they also make their presence on Twitter too. Have you considered Twitter for small business yet? After Facebook, it is another tool for interacting with your customers and developing a better relationship with them in the process. There are various small hotels, bakeries, and other companies, which have been using Twitter for small business and have hit it off by bringing their brand closer to their target audience via the social media marketing tools.

Again, it is necessary to maintain your social media interaction and keep it consistent. Most big businesses hire social media marketing experts to help promote their brands. Since you are not a big business, you need to make sure that your work is reflected in the way you handle your social media marketing tools.

You can also make yourself available to the audience on LinkedIn, Google+ and many other websites. The key to social media marketing is that you reach out to the crowd and pull out the target audience. Offers, quizzes, tips, and tricks, you could use so much to lure consumers by making use of social media for small business.

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Social Media drives 80% Growth for Portland Food Trucks

Check out this video describing how Portland, Oregon Food Trucks grew their business 80% with Social Media Sites.

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Don’t Let Your Business Get Left Behind!

Don’t let your business get left behind, make sure to develop an online presence for your company. Take a look at this article from Business 2 Community:

Today, it is totally impossible to have a business without an online presence. It is indeed true that advertising your products via word of mouth is still effective; but instead of using one’s lips, people will just Tweet, Share or Like whatever you’re promoting. And if you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization, then your business might need an intensive internet facelift.

Adopting new technology and processes can prove to be a great way to get your business noticed by clients. Advertising through the internet is cheap but requires some extra effort from you and your marketing team. Here are some ways for your business to gain a greater online presence and to reach a wider audience:

Use CRM Software

A customer relationship manager software or CRM is often touted as a program for large businesses, but in fact, even small ones like yours can utilize it to its full potential. CRM software can work wonders and keep track and record of all your interactions with clients, your past and present customer information, and your business transactions. Knowing this will help you know the kind of ‘customized’ service you should provide each of your customers and the information will aid you in providing them with excellent service.

Hire a Web Designer

You don’t have to hire a full-time designer for your website. Just hire a qualified contractor for your business’ website. A website is vital to any business because it spells out who you are as a businessperson and what your enterprise is really all about.

If your website isn’t visually pleasing, then your customers might not get convinced that you can provide them quality products and services. Aside from the basic contact information, history, and photos, put some of your packages and price lists on the website too, because most people would go there to know more about what you offer.

Create a Mobile App

Who doesn’t love mobile phone applications these days? People use them as often as they check their social networking accounts. This being the case, it would be good if you’ll also have a mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows, and other similar platforms to make sure your audience can reach your products and services not just via their personal computers but also on their mobile devices. Some businesses like RingCentral have developed their own mobile application, which enables users to keep abreast with their fax, voicemail, and calling needs even when they’re away from their computers.

Social Media, as always

Who would dare forget social media sites? Promoting your products and services through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube might sound cliché but it still is effective. You can advertise your business’ page through Facebook and it will show up on your target audiences’ news feeds. You’ll have to pay Zuckerberg for this service, though. Another effective way to tap Facebook’s powers for your marketing tactics is to hold contests using a custom-developed Facebook app where participants can engage and win little prizes (i.e., via lottery or subjective judging of entries).

You can also create a Twitter page for your business. Most businesses use Twitter to respond to customer complaints, take suggestions and entertain questions. It is the most efficient way of getting closer to your regular clients in real-time. If doing social media activities is too big a task for you, then you can hire a social media manager to maintain all of your online networking accounts.

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Oregon Social Media

Northwest Social Media Solutions is an online marketing agency based out of Oregon. Because of our Oregonian roots, we specialize in Oregon Social Media: Everything from Facebook pages, Twitter development, Youtube growth, and much more. We can even help you build your website or rank higher in Google. Social media in Oregon is a growing market, and we look forward to catering to the needs of small businesses in Oregon.

So what exactly does it mean to be a successful social media firm in Oregon? Well, understanding and marketing to the creative culture of Portland, Oregon is often a big component. To properly build your social media in Portland, OR a business can’t be afraid to embrace new culture and ideas. Most customers will respect and buy into eccentricity and flair. In fact, being too professional may even hurt your business. Oregon social media is driven through its largest city, Portland, and most small businesses will benefit from this understanding.

Beyond just Portland, Oregon is a very environmental culture. Much attention is given to forestry and agriculture. Social Marketing firms in Oregon are often well-served to acknowledge and appreciate this sensitivity of the average customer, and running your small business in Oregon by respecting the our green earth and focusing on sustainability will build trust and brand loyalty within your clientele.

I hope this quick post provides some good insight into how to do social media in Oregon the right way. If you are an Oregon-based business, and need help with online and social marketing, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today for a free quote!

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What is LinkedIn?

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